About us

Ruiz y Roca is the most traditional perfumery of Buenos Aires with its two stores in Galería Guemes and Galería Jardín The company was born at the end of 1870 and opened its first store in florida 28. it was for many years the most famous hairdressing, barbershop and perfumery that featured writers and prominent politicians. Its founders, born in Catalonia, were Manuel Ruiz and Esteban Roca and dedicated themselves to the sale of perfumes, colognes and hairpieces. They were suppliers of the royal house of Spain and the exclusive "hygienic eucalyptus lotion" registered in Argentina, Uruguay and France, was, since its launch, recommended by the main doctors of the country for hair care. From 1940, the sale of fragrant perfumes began at the counter of the Güemes Gallery. there the clients lived a magical moment: they chose the mixtures of lotions and extracts and from the test tubes there arose exclusive and original aromas. At present we continue to offer the same fragranced perfumes made with the same imported essences and the traditional "eucalyptus hygienic lotion" together with the "English lotion" and the "citrus lotion"